Soirée Camargue (Camargue Evening)


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Wednesday,  Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 6:00 pm


Come spend an evening with family or friends for the show “Soirées Camargue”.

Come and meet this magical world of Camargue traditions: bulls, horses, mares and foals …
Follow the gardians, vaqueros, Sevillian dancers in the Arena of Mas des Jasses.

Equestrian show in the heart of the arena:

Then, go to our arena where you can admire the equestrian show combining demonstrations of work horseback riding, carousel, Doma Vaquera (dressage), freedom of the foals of the manade … all the rhythm of Sevillian dances and flamenco…

“Flamenco” ambience after the show & enjoy our delicatessen and cheese Tapas


Free for children under 12 y.o. (execpt with the tapas option)

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