“Le Maestro et l’élève”

Summer’s Mondays in Arles

The Ganaderia O. Fernay is pleased to present the poster created by the artist painter Roman.

We will welcome you on 4 dates in July and August with “The Maestros and the student” as guests.

We will have the pleasure of spending 4 evenings in turn with Richard Milian, Patrick Varin, Medhi Savalli and Tomas Cerqueira in the arenas facing a Becerra (young cow of 2 years old) and their student facing a Becerro (young male of 2 years).

Enter the world of selection of future mothers and breeding males.

Flamenco vibes in the Mas Patio

  • Adult entrance : 20 € (Tapas and drinks extra)
  • Child entrance : 10 € (Free for children 6 and under)

An appointment not to be missed !